The principal company Sigma NDT services which was incorporated in India in September 1997, to provide NDT services for fertilizer plants and pipelines. Today the Sigma NDT Group offers a diverse range of services for clients in the oil & gas, refining, petrochemical, energy, fabrication & construction and marine industries. Sigma NDT also manufactures certain NDT instruments.

These services are executed in India new construction/projects and operations & maintenance (O&M) activities. Today Sigma NDT is a fully integrated inspection company servicing clients working both onshore and offshore in India and abroad. Sigma NDT Services are therefore secure in the knowledge that “We always do quality work”. The client also knows that there is commitment and quality assurance to his project.

To Sigma NDT, the safety of our people, clients and the environment is of paramount importance. We have a proud safety record and are constantly looking for ways to improve all aspects of Health, Safety and Environment without compromising the quality of our services.

All our equipment are constantly tested to meet the most stringent safety standards, and go above and beyond the minimum legal requirements, especially in radiation safety.

Today, Sigma ndt Group has grown to more than 100 staff. We are now able to provide a diverse range of services in any industry that requires NDT and inspection.


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